A MEHO is an acronym for Mutually Exclusively Hanging Out, the person you are seeing but arn't boyfriend and girlfriend. Mutually Exclusively Hanging Out entails that you are together but if one partner sleeps with a different person there will be no break up and angry fights about cheating, the MEHO will just not sleep with you anymore. MEHO can almost be seen as the step in between sleeping with someone and the relationship, its a transitional phase that each partner test runs the other. MEHO finds it origins of inner city Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
Whos that guy? Thats my MEHO.
Are you guys together? Nah we are just MEHO-ing.
Is that your boyfriend? Nah just my MEHO, we're not sleeping with other people but we are not boyfriend girlfriend.
by Delicious Bass September 24, 2009
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Girl 1: OMG did u see Meho he is such a gayhomofag
Girl 2: I know right!! I think I'm in love
Damn quit being such a Meho
by just_another_meho_lover February 15, 2017
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welcome home or die in vain depands what planet.it consider a common word use by drug addicts to express uncertainty to take a hit or not.
Alan is being meho by his family
by BalbasaurusRex August 17, 2018
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