Only thing stronger then your Daddy and James Jackson's final form.
"My Dad would beat up your Dad.."
"Well my Mecha Daddy has shoulder mounted missile launchers and will leave your Dad eviscerated"
by JaceKnowerOfAllThings May 13, 2019
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A formation of two people, one sitting on top of the other's shoulders, with all arms waving, saying "mecha-shiva" in unison. Based on the the supreme God in Shaivism, a denomination of Hinduism. As seen performed by Hank and Dean Venture of the Venture Bros!
The Monarch! You know what to do. Mecha-Shiva time! MECHA SHIVA! MECHA SHIVA! MECHA SHIVA!
by rs19078 May 06, 2007
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The term "mecha musume" was first used for a series of figurines produced by the japanese company Konami. The figures personified old military vehicles, such as tanks and planes, as cute girls. It's not used to refer to a general art style in which the features of historical military warcraft, or more fanciful science fiction mecha designs. The term means, literally, "mecha girls."
"I love this new mecha musume show. Badass military hardware? Uber-moe cute girls? Why not get both at the same time..."
by einhorn303 January 13, 2007
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Part One: First off, don't believe any of that bullshit people say about how Hitler supposedly "committed suicide". Before His immanent defeat in Germany, he ran away towards Russia where he remained hidden for a few years until his dumbass fell through a patch of thin ice and became a popsicle. A few years later the Russian people found his body perfectly preserved in ice. Using their advanced technology, they removed his brain and locked it deep within a monstrous robot with which the Russsians planned to use in order to wage war upon freedom, Jews, justice, Poland, and general minorities. Mecha-Hitler became to powerful and escaped the Russian military base. He cooperarted with the Japanese after agreeing to give them control of America after he wages war in exchange for upgrading his body.
After the upgrades to his arsenal, Mecha-Hitler betrayed the Japanese and fled to Mexico. Luckily the Japanese were smart enough to implant a control chip into his brain. They deactivated his body and currently is in a state of suspended animation somewhere in the Mexican desert. We can only hope that the Mexican people never locate him and restart his programming.
by Xero _ Manifest April 18, 2011
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1. A robotic villain of the Sonic the Hedgehog universe; a mechanical imitation of Sonic. Mecha Sonic differs from the similar Sonic-clone Metal Sonic in that Mecha has a slightly meaner, more "I'ma kill you" look to it, and has been shown to possess the ability to absorb power from the Master Emerald (as seen in Sonic 3 & Knuckles). Referred to as "Silver Sonic" in earlier games because he was originally silver and actually looked kind of stupid.

2. What they called Sonic when he was successfully roboticized in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic book published by Archie comics. He looked a lot like the Mecha Sonic that appeared as the boss of the Sky Sanctuary in Sonic 3 & Knuckles. He beat the crap out of Bunnie Rabbot, and they had to actually roboticize Knuckles the Echidna in order to defeat and save him.
Don't open the window or Mecha Sonic will fly in and kill you and your mom and your dog and everyone you love. 'Cause he can, you know. He's real.
by Gijy Tiwit June 03, 2007
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Primarily, Japanese anime that relys heavily on showcasing mecha: robots/spaceship/fighterplanes/war machinery-heavy action. Particularly when they are engaged in violent combat and especially if the mecha are transformable.

There is no sexuality or actual 'p0rn' as the focusunless it is a doujinshi or hentai fan svc. storyline. The visually riveting & gratuitous element is the visceral & bloody nature of such combat and the war-romance of glamorized, high tech machines destroying each other; as visually addictive to tech-nerds as actual sexual content eg:

Massive exchanges of ordnance and stunning dogfight/combat maneuvers against cityscapes, alien environments or amidst massed fleets of capital ships and blossoming,null-'G'explosions; detailed, 'motion-physics' accurate and almost photo-realistic depictions of soldiers/pilots decompressing in hard vacuum, being eviscerated or burned alive; depictions of ordnance impacts and nuclear explosions, incl. progressive flash/blast/heat, that have otherwise only been captured with motion picture cameras using strobes, frame progression and other photography tricks.

Can apply to non-Japanese, SF motion pictures replete w/the aforementioned.
Did you watch the 3rd episode of Gundam:Unicorn?-Total mecha porn!!!
by Drainfly-IV-Alpha February 24, 2011
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someone who plays a lot of video games and brags about the minor achievements as if they mean the world to anyone else.
"i have the best stuff in this game." "no one cares chris you are a mecha virgin."
by tiny titties November 10, 2020
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