Present as a natural part of something;present everywhere - Oxford Dictionary.
God is an immanent being because He is present everywhere.
by God's friend. December 9, 2013
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The phenomenology of the mind as emergent from the geometric center of the human body and ending at the border between the human body and external space.

Mind-body contiguity (congruity).

Distinct from consciousnesses which is postulated to radiate from the space external to the human body and cross the space-body border to be contiguous with the mind (body).
Immanence delineates the hard problem of consciousness: the feeling of consciousness as meta-emergent (fatalistic) or "alien" to perception.

Ie. Consciousness overlaps with (is) the mind but the mind does not overlap with (is not) consciousness.
by tomorrowtomorrow November 3, 2018
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A Monstrous Massive Inexorable Force That Crushes Whatever Is In Its Path
Immane Juggernaut is going to destroy your feeble server.
by Raven January 9, 2004
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A typical sentence used by math teachers to call someone to correct an exercise
x: “today we’ll correct an exercise, imman vieni tu”
by Imeinnen November 21, 2021
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A phenomenon of perception which fools human beings into concluding that consciousness has material origins ie. consciousness emerges from cognizANCE.

A fallacy of scientific (mechanistic) materialism in which consciousness is assumed to be emerge from the mind itself.

Immanence is implicitly stated in Descartes' duality of mind and body.
Descartes noted that thoughts are not necessarily functions of reality. He wondered if the mind was truly contained in the body. Explicitly, immanence would argue that Descartes' inquiry was incomplete as he was able to separate feelings from perception but he was too limited by technology to separate senses (thoughts) from feelings.

Hinduism approaches imanence by arguing that senses appear from consciousness rather than from cognizance as Descartes conjectured.

Resolving the fallacy of Descartes' mechanistic sense (sense as emergent from perception) allows sense and "thoughts" to meta-emerge from consciousnesses itself.
by sandrashine November 11, 2018
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