A very large, ribbed metal penis. It isn't attached to a person but yet has a mind of its own. It enjoys penetration of all sorts.
A dark shadow fell across the land, and everyone knew that the mecha peni had arrived.
by Sexxxx January 22, 2007
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Giant robot. Refers to humanoid types seen mostly in animé (Japanese cartoons) and Japanese games (i.e. Armored Core). Mechs/mecha can be anywhere from 30 to a few hundred feet tall and are usually pioleted by people. They can be used for many things, like constuction for example, but more often warfare.
The mech picked up the car and threw it at the V.I.P.
by Soul Shinobi October 02, 2003
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1. The act of touching your penis.
2. Fuck off!
3. Go and find something to do.
- You look stupid to me... a lot!
- OK, barai mecha then!
by Ringlas June 20, 2008
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A mechanical goose, half goose, half robotic. Most times it has a sad back story with an arch rival such as Evil Duck.
We can make him stronger, we can make him into a mecha goose.
by HailToTheDock January 15, 2018
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She who's awfully afraid of huge Reploid dogs from the year 21XX and shows *real tears*
Mecha cow is such a n00b
by EEEEEeeeeee November 27, 2003
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A hot lunch, but with tin foil instead of seran wrap.
Come get your mecha hot lunch.
by greengrounds December 25, 2009
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