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A party held during seasonal times, like Christmas, that involves heavy drinking, sex, and of course it's not a party unless there are drugs. Usuallly held be teenagers who know nothing but how to get completely shit faced.
You know you've been to a Jingle Jam, no example is needed, but then again you probably don't remember it, so here it goes.. It's that magical party held once a year by your tweaker friend as a way to get all those hot chicks to his house so he can legally mouth rape them with mistletoe. Remember, he told everyone to bring there own weed cuz he got tired of having to split it with everyone, but still ended up using most of everyon else's weed. Later on he ended up having a three-way with your sister and your girlfriend. Good times.. Good times...
by Xero _ Manifest December 12, 2010
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Part One: First off, don't believe any of that bullshit people say about how Hitler supposedly "committed suicide". Before His immanent defeat in Germany, he ran away towards Russia where he remained hidden for a few years until his dumbass fell through a patch of thin ice and became a popsicle. A few years later the Russian people found his body perfectly preserved in ice. Using their advanced technology, they removed his brain and locked it deep within a monstrous robot with which the Russsians planned to use in order to wage war upon freedom, Jews, justice, Poland, and general minorities. Mecha-Hitler became to powerful and escaped the Russian military base. He cooperarted with the Japanese after agreeing to give them control of America after he wages war in exchange for upgrading his body.
After the upgrades to his arsenal, Mecha-Hitler betrayed the Japanese and fled to Mexico. Luckily the Japanese were smart enough to implant a control chip into his brain. They deactivated his body and currently is in a state of suspended animation somewhere in the Mexican desert. We can only hope that the Mexican people never locate him and restart his programming.
by Xero _ Manifest April 18, 2011
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Often abbreviated as M.M.S. A debilitating illness that strikes Mexican woman once they reach parenthood. Upon birth of the first child, the disease begins. Symptoms include: Gradually becoming shorter as time passes, rapid multiplication of children, ability to curse at their children using the most made up words ever conceived, extreme creativity when it comes to what to hit their kids with; ranging from a belt to something like a wooden spoon.
Unfortunately in the Mexican community, some women may contract Mexican Mom Syndrome at an age of anywhere after 13 years of age.
by Xero _ Manifest October 22, 2011
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The unpredictable and awkward moment when your boyfriend/girlfriend says "I Love You" for the first time in the relationship. You'd think it's no big deal, but for a guy who is just looking to score,this may strike him harder than a kick to the groin
*Over Phone* Prick Boyfriend: Goodnight lucy. Lucy: Night, love you.. Prick Boyfriend: Yeah.... *Hangs Up* DAMNNNN!!!!!!!!!!! She love bombed me..
by Xero _ Manifest January 28, 2011
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A more sexual version of a sleepover. Basically people show up in their PJ's, get stoned, and then procede to have all kinds of sexual experiences with the other guests, leading to a large orgy involving the host, all of the guests.
Guy1: Dude, Stacy's having a pajama jama jam, you going? Guy 2: Hell yeah!!!! No way I'm missing that!!!
by Xero _ Manifest November 07, 2010
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When at a party you get stoned out of your fucking mind and start hallucinating about the most random shit like seeing people as cavemen, and seeing dinosaurs for no damn reason. Only way to get this stoned is to get really creative with drug combinations, like taking acid with a snort of coke,a hit of Mary Jane, and meth
Guy1: What the hell was up with you last night at Lucy's party? Stoner: I don't even know, all I remember about last night was a dream I had about knocking out a caveman. I must have been partying like it's 19million B.C. Guy1: That wasn't a dream, you hit Gary in the face with a bat!!
by Xero _ Manifest October 18, 2010
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The type of piss someone takes after holding it in for hours, and failing to find a bathroom until right before they piss their pants. It's cosidered a miracle because that's the ony way to describe how that person could've made it to the restroom.
Anouncer: He's at the 40!! The 50!! Wait, where's he going? Folks it seems as if he's headed for the port-a-potties!! Wow!! Mid game, he must be going for a miracle wizz!!
by Xero _ Manifest November 30, 2010
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