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Basically every high school teacher, or teacher in general, that is a complete and utter bitch. Mainly tend to be female, but the males are even worse. They mave give impossible homework assignments that they don't allow to be turned in late
Jenny: I fuckin hate Ms. Hollister, that bitch gave me a 4 page essay assignment due tomorrow. Me:Well what do you expect, she is one of Satan's Little Helpers after all
by Xero _ Manifest October 27, 2010
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To be pwned in the magnitude times 1000.
Guy 1: Wtf? That guy killed you in like 10 seconds flat! Guy 2: How the.. I didn't even know that was possible.. Guy: 1 He went beyond pwning you. You just got gigapwned..
by Xero _ Manifest December 29, 2011
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The act of being so stupid that you always ruin every single chance you get at getting laid
Guy1: That guy sucks at getting girls.... Guy2: If only he'd stop self-cockblocking, then just maybe he'd lose his virginity.
by Xero _ Manifest October 22, 2010
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An extremely dificult technique to pull of on Gears of War and Gears of War 2. Its when you soot somebody in the nutsack with a torque bow and watch as there nuts blow off of there body.
Guy 1: Wtf!! That n00b actually got me with the exploding nutsack technique!! Guy 2: Wow!!! You just got pwned by a n00b. Look at your nuts flying across the screen
by Xero _ Manifest November 16, 2010
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A base that is so extreme, it defies all laws of science, math, physics, and even the girl codes. This is the base after Infinity Base. Everyone and everything that took part in infinity base is floating in limbo where they all procede to have an undescribale orgy.
After someone reaches infinity base and everything is floating in limbo, there's nothing to do but get to Negative Infinity Base!!!
by Xero _ Manifest October 19, 2010
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A term first used in the Adultswim show, The Boondocks to describe Luna, a woman who was raised by wolves, later trained in White Lotus Kung-Fu, participated and won at the kumite, and is psycho as fuck.
Riley: You invited a killer kung-fu wolf bitch to the crib granddad. Granddad: How was I supposed to know she was a killer kung-fu wolf bitch
by Xero _ Manifest March 17, 2011
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War is immanent. Crime is wide spread. Corruption is law. And money is power. That's just how it all works, as human beings are consumed by there own greed, the world changes along with them. Those who try to call for a change are always struck down by the sword we have come to know as the government. Then again, the majority elect those in government. So it's safe to conclude that those we elect are only elected because we think they will benifit us, but the selfish way we think makes us only think of the benefits of one and not the many. With this type of power looming over us, it's only a matter of time before national calamaty grips this pathetic country.
In the real world, there are no heroes. Only those who benifit the majority,those who benifit from the majority, and those who are layed down by the majority.
by Xero _ Manifest December 26, 2011
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