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Deriving from cyberpunk novels, meatspace is the world outside of the 'net-- that is to say, the real world, where you do things with your body rather than with your keyboard. William Gibson's novels (Neuromancer, Mona Lisa Overdrive, and Count Zero in particular) note the difference between the 'Net of the console cowboys and the world of the meat outside.
"For many a true computer geek, moving through meatspace is a daunting prospect."
"Simstim was a meat toy, which is why Case had never been able to get into it."
by PantherModern October 03, 2005
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noun. a term, originating from cyberpunk fiction and culture, referring to the real (that is, not virtual) world, the world of flesh and blood. somewhat tongue-in-cheek. the opposite of cyberspace.
"writers, who can go for three or four days at a time without talking to people in 'meatspace', are particularly attracted to this form of friendship."
andrew brown
by The Other Joey February 24, 2005
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The opposite of cyberspace; Reality.
The flesh and blood existence.
Jack: lolz...
Henry: Hey we should hang out together tomorrow.
Jack: What, you mean in meatspace?
by the general populace June 02, 2005
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What the virtual is to cyberspace, the flesh and blood is to meatspace.
I dare you to say "pwned" in meatspace.
by lemonkey November 12, 2003
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What gamer nerds use when referencing the “real world” during in-game chat.

Likens the real world to Myspace.

Most commonly used in the games Second Life and WoW.
"I met a girl today in meat space. I would have asked her out, but my quest log was full.”
by Fred Monz February 17, 2008
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the name for the more desparate-sexual partner/date-hunting side of

coming from the slang terminology "meatmarket".
dude1: "yeah this chick is totally hot man, i'm gonna chat with her again"
dude2: "what, is this another one you met on meatspace?"
by Olly J February 24, 2005
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sounds like pussy to me.
i slid my meat into her meatspace and nearly crushed her cervix.
by turner February 24, 2005
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