A girl of unsurpassed beauty and charm who, like the work of art of her namesake, has a stamp of "do not touch."
She's positively gorgeous, but doesn't date: a regular Mona Lisa.
by iantheman September 20, 2007
1. a painting by the famous artist Leonardo da Vinci; perhaps the most well-known painting in the history of art

2. a girl whose emotions are absolutely unreadable. These girls are the hardest types to understand.
Many painters adore the Mona Lisa, da Vinci's greatest work.

My girlfriend is such a Mona Lisa. I can't ever tell whether she wants to shoot me or do me.
by J Filthy Money June 9, 2010
A girl who would seduce you, get you drunk and when you sleep she will call her mates to mug you. Next day she will play victim and search with you.
Mona Lisa
Long hair, don't care, she handle the business and don't ever tell

She know where you hide it, tell me where it's hidden
She know when you're gone, tell me when to visit, we break in your home
And take this specifics and meanwhile the bitch is on vacation with him so she don't get blamed
(Lil Wayne)
by Your sweet nightmares December 25, 2018
Essentially the girl that you wish and hope to be with one day
“What’s your Mona Lisa?”
“My Mona Lisa is a girl who has got a killer personality, is very smart and naturally just gorgeous.”
“ damn, where can I find one of those.”
by kosinthehous100 August 4, 2018
A girl that always has the same facial expressions, so that people can never tell what she is really thinking or feeling.
A: That chick seems pretty nice. I don't understand her though.
B: No, man, she's a Mona Lisa, you'll never understand her.
by Notrurwords November 12, 2011
A Mona Lisa is a a type of bowl consisting of 2 layers of keef with the rest being weed. It's displayed as art and will demand respect from your smoking peers.. Commonly known as the bowl piece cheech and Chong smoked in the movie Up and Smoke.
"Hey can you pack a Mona Lisa"
by KosherSalt12 November 10, 2021
a girl who is hot from far away, but ugly up close.(just like the painting, looks nice from far away, but cracked and ugly up close)
Lets go talk that girl. O, wait hell no shes a mona lisa.
by dfs2477 September 17, 2007