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1.)to smoke from one's cigar,blunt, pipe, or cigarette and leave wet with saliva

2.)to leave saliva all over something you just put your lips over for example a soda, a glass ,or a cup

3.)anyone of any race with big ass lips except GOOKS(chinese mo-fo's)
"Jay-Z has got some nigger-lips oh well then again he is a nigger"

"That guy just nigger-lipped my cigar"
by TURNER November 15, 2004

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likes to eat spaghetti and pasta. also is very hairy
hairy like a gorilla
by turner March 11, 2005

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a playa hata from the playa hatas ball on the dave chappelle show who is a fuckin retard and says the funniest shit
1.)nigger/ nigga

"Bucknasty, what can i say about that suit that hasn't already been said about Afghanistan.. It looks bombed-out and depleted.." -Silky Johnson
by TURNER November 15, 2004

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to watch television or engage in other acts;)
Hey let's koracha all night ;).
by Turner November 17, 2004

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1.) A reference to Mexican sweet bread that is bought at mom and pop grocery stores, bakeries, and or HEB's in south Texas.
2.) A slang for pussy used in the derrogatory manner, much like the slang "joto", "maricon", translated to english meaning queer or faggot.
1.)Can you run to the store and buy some pan de dulce?

2.)Ricky is all pan de dulce because he hasn't gotten that pan de dulce from his chick.
by Turner December 08, 2007

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"to strike or attack hard; knock unconcious." derived from snuff - to put out/end.
Don't be a dick or i'll snuff you.
by turner February 24, 2005

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sounds like pussy to me.
i slid my meat into her meatspace and nearly crushed her cervix.
by turner February 24, 2005

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