A gibsoning is a loud, incoherent, alcohol induced rant that is delivered with venomous intent. The rant often is delivered sometime between midnight and early morning and the victim is often a spurned lover. The rant can take many forms and can even include abstract acts such as keying a cock into the car door of said spurned lover. Often the gibsoning is delivered with such violent intent that even the gibsoner is unaware of his actions due to what is sometimes called Gibson blindside. A condition where rage often rules common sense. Most gibsons are delivered over multiple messages with each more violent than the last. Often the victim is a mega slut, but rarely can be an unsuspecting victim that happens to be in the vicinity at the time of gibsoning. Gibsoning has been known to take the form of cock pictures on the spurned lovers face book page also. Gibsoning is almost always warranted however the severity is often harsher than necessary.
I hope you get raped by pack of niggers... No you'd like that. Said the man gibsoning the slut
by Mel gibo January 5, 2014
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"see who can jump the highest on the trampoline"
"Ok lets i bet i will win"
"Haha YoU just got Gibsoned"
by Gibbo13G November 1, 2009
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Gibson’s are usually very nice people, but make way too many mistakes. They are usually misunderstood, and have a hard time expressing their feelings. They have a hard time trusting people, so if a Gibson opens up to you don’t let them go. It may not seem like it but they do care about you, they may not show it and seem like they don’t care but whenever you are sad they are always there for you. Gibson’s are usually dealing with a lot, and don’t want to show their emotions so they might stop talking to you for a while. Don’t take it personal when they do this, they are just scared of what you will think when you see them broken down and sad. Over All, if you have a Gibson in your life, hold them as close as you can because the second you let go you cannot get them back.
“Hey Gibson, I haven’t heard from you in a while is everything ok?”

Everything is fine, just dealing with stuff...”
by Chiquitita May 23, 2019
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The person in the room who is the most offended by the topic of conversation.
When we started talking about male body parts Megan turned red and was The Gibson.
by jscar2 May 14, 2013
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A manufacturer of acoustic, electric, and bass guitars. Parent Company of the once independant Epiphone. Famous For the Les Paul, played by guitarists such as Zakk Wylde, The SG, played by Angus Young, the Flying V, played by Jimi Hendrix before his untimely death in 1969, and the ES series, played by Chuck Berry. Known for very high prices, but with a stong reputation for quality and consistency.
I Recently bought a new Gibson guitar online.
by recab2 August 11, 2006
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Extreme Shocker.....putting your fingers in something cold before applying the shocker. This can include ice cream, ice water, bucket of ice etc.
She was bored with the shocker so I bumped it up a notch and gave her a Gibson with some ice cold fingers.
by A-Team Shocker February 6, 2014
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A server that can and will be hacked; or a word that can randomly be used in combination with wordbaseword. (See "Hackers" the movie.)
Dude, let's h4x0r teh gibson! Base base base gibson gibson base!
by teknokracy July 28, 2003
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