A small city (13,500) in NW Pennsylvania, 40 miles south of Erie and 90 miles north of Pittsburgh. Formerly known as the "Tool City Capital" of the world thanks to Channellock and the plethora of Tool & Die shops, it is now known for pharmacies, Dollar General/Dollar Tree stores, automotive stores, and slumlord owned housing. The population is made up mostly of elderly, bad drivers, and those that wear pajama pants in public.
Meadville has the largest night-time Halloween parade in Pennsylvania.
by StripperWax November 11, 2018
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Meadville a town of crack heads and fucktard parents who dont know how to raise their child also a town full of addicts and meth labs and heroin overdoses. Meadville PA is also home of lesbians and other gays and has their own fuckboy community within the schools.
Meadville is shit mate
I know right
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A small town in Missouri, 13 miles from the home of sliced bread (see Chillicothe)...The coolest small town anyone will ever live in...Home of the Eagles!!
awesome, amazing, Meadville
by hmberry February 10, 2009
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