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A Boom-Town that grew up fast and big, then fizzled out into poverty & sadness, and an MH/MR Hellhole of Conformity and Facism.
Northwestern Pennsylvania houses over 300 convicted child-rapists and over 90% of them live in Meadville, PA.

A test was conducted in-order to discover where in the U.S. is the highest-level of Incest. It was found to be in Pennsylvania and then finally centralized to Meadville, PA. Of-course places like West Virginia that are often stereo-typed were ruled out. Ironically?-- this test was conducted about how many people 'admitted' to incest. So-sickening that Meadville, PA feels no-need to deny it, and in-fact there have been several people to proudly 'brag' about it.
by Dirtykneez Hed Nurse July 16, 2009
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