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Abbreviation for 80's political hardcore band, Millions of Dead Cops.
Two great MDC albums are "Shades of Brown" and "Millions of Damn Christians".
by shawn December 23, 2004
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Metropolitan Detention Center - Where street-level drug dealers go to get shanked waiting to testify against their suppliers.
Homie #1: Yo, where's Tyrone at? I'm lookin to buy a gram.
Homie # 2: I heard he got picked up on Friday night.

Homie #1: Aww, sheeeit... Is he gonna rat on OG Holiday?
Homie #2: Hell naw. They locked him up in MDC. That fool wouldn't last 10 minutes in there.
by homie_187 February 12, 2017
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Mother Daughter Combo.
This is where a fly looking milf (mum i'd like to fuck) crosses your path with an even flier lookin daughter. And damn you want to knock the dust of them pussy!
Damn! Check out that MDC homie!
by A++ August 12, 2005
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Abbreviation of Mark David Chapman used by Lennon fans who don't like referring to scum by name.
Me: Dude, what the fuck, this guy is acting like MDC wasn't all that bad.

Someone else: Dude?! MDC?? What's wrong with them?
by Sarajane August 01, 2004
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Official classification system for scoring the hotness of a lady friend or boy toy. The system is based on three critical factors:

1. Y or N - Would you have any type of sexual relations with this person, for any reason at all and in any state of mind.

2. Rating 1 to 10 of overall sex appeal. This must consider not only looks but also personality, profession, and other factors.

3. Number of beers you would want/need to consume in order to fully engage in item number 1 above.

Final evaluation is a three part answer of the form:

Y - 10 - 1 or similar.
Whoa man, check out that waitress. I'd say she is a definite Y-8-2 on the MDCS!
by the db May 31, 2018
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The abbreviated form of Man-Date Central.
I wanna go to MDC, I need some boriqua pussy.
by JBC Dave February 01, 2004
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