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vulgarity that once heard expressed by Clay Davis will inevitably become a part of your lexicon; can express satisfaction, anger, indignancy, and many other emotions
Maurice Doby? For governor? Of my state? Sheeeit
by Maurice Doby June 13, 2012
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Jenny: ...ring... ring..
Ronnie:...*crackles* hello?
Jenny: Ronnie I have great news!
Ronnie: What is it?
Jenny: Your going to be a father!
Ronnie SHEEEit
by The Notorious Knoxx July 18, 2011
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Carries the same deffination as sheeet or any other variation of the word.....however, i beg to differ,they are all spelled incorrectly, it is spelled as it is pronuciated.
Ahhhhh sheeeit playa, imma bust yo' ass.
by NicholaLost November 03, 2003
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