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Had very cool hair, but shot people.
Person 1: Bahhh why did Dylan Klebold have to shoot people?

Person 2: Yeah that sucks dude he had cool hair.
by Sarajane August 21, 2004

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The biggest asshole ever to walk the Earth. Is a dick, a pussy and everything in between. I can't believe he is still living. He sucks ass. (referred to by Lennon fans as MDC... MDC WAS NOT A FAN!! DO NOT CALL HIM ONE!!! HE IS AN ASSHOLE!!!)

Dude you are fucking becoming three ways to MDC.
by Sarajane August 01, 2004

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An innovator, inventor, humanitarian and role-model who is unfortunately better known for his unfortunate end than for the many accomplishments he made during his life. And he built towers.
"What would Nick Berg do in this situation?" "Build a tower?"
by Sarajane April 29, 2007

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Abbreviation of Mark David Chapman used by Lennon fans who don't like referring to scum by name.
Me: Dude, what the fuck, this guy is acting like MDC wasn't all that bad.

Someone else: Dude?! MDC?? What's wrong with them?
by Sarajane August 01, 2004

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Umm, sorry actually Instant Karma was released ten years before Lennon was shot.

Great song! Go Lennon!
I think instant karma should be applied to those who think Lennon released Instant Karma in 1980.
by Sarajane August 20, 2004

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