Kayaking term for getting thrashed around in a large hydraulic (whirlpool, hole or breaking wave).
I dropped into Albert's Falls too far river-left and got totally Maytagged in that keeper hole.
by Flyin' Brian August 23, 2005
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What happens when a strong wind gets hold of your tent, and you and all your stuff gets tumbled inside
I think my backpack conked me in the head when we got maytagged.
by Kristylynne May 08, 2003
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A prison term for a young inmate who performs sexual favors for a dominate top in exchange for protection.
I gotta get me a new Maytag...'cause my boy just got sprung.
by Paul M. Kelly January 23, 2004
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prison slang for submissive homosexual male who becomes a literal slave of dominant male master and performs all the master's chores as well as providing sexual service to the master on command, which may include "tossing salad (analingus), performing fellatio, receiving anal penetration or even performing sexual favors to other prison males as prostitute being "pimped out" by the master. The term is derived from the popular Maytag brand of clothes washers which were advertised to "keep working and working and working...." without malfunction - essentially what the prison maytag must do for his master.
"Do you believe Little Louie was Big Joe's maytag in the joint and now that they're out Joe pimps out Louie to toss salad for anyone willing to pay $20."
by poutsos July 02, 2005
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Maytagged: tumbled by a large wave in the ocean
After being maytagged by a 9 foot wave, Kara had to find her swimsuit top before emerging from the ocean.
by bcritters August 22, 2020
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prison term for someone who is bullied into washing other inmates laundry in order to be protected cause they have no other means survival.
That new jack owes me for a "lucy" (a single cigaret) so he's my Maytag for the month got boi washing boxers and all ha ha
by DJ Ash1one June 21, 2018
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a high-class male prostitute, usually hired for jobs such as bachelorette parties for very rich women; or they may come to the wives of CEOs or Senators during the day, disguised as a personal fitness trainer, or Yoga Instructor.
Elaine: I heard Sharon's barchelorette party was ballin.
Kathy: Yeah?
Elaine: Oh Yeah, I heard the pizza man turned out to be a maytag.
by Badger of the Year May 15, 2011
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