The act of dipping the unbitten end of a piece of food you have taken a bite of to avoid double dipping. Derived from the similarity of the act to using a kayak paddle, where the two opposite ends of the paddle are dipped consecutively into the water.

If you take one bite of a fry then dip the unbitten end in ketchup after, you are kayaking. This technique can also be applied to quesadillas, chicken tenders, onion rings, etc.

Not everyone accepts kayaking. Some people will unfairly equate it to double dipping, so use this technique at your own risk.
Jim: “Hey man, no double dipping!”
John: “Nah, it’s cool. I’m just kayaking.”
by WhatThaFish January 29, 2020
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Whitewater kayaking- For the man who has nothing left to loose. Most great whitewater kayakers have next to nothing and have spent at least a summer living out of their car. White water kayaking is dominated by ADHD young adults who want nothing more than to be racing down a mountain through constantly changing rapids while strapped into a plastic tub.

Squirt boating- Sometimes riding on top of terrifying class V rapids isn't enough. Squirt boaters sink their kayaks and ride under the water through crazy rapids. They come up every once in a while to catch their breathe but that's pretty much it. Soon squirt boaters will be extinct due to natual selection. *Maybe the only group of people in the world that smoke more weed than snowboarders per capita*

Playboating- Standing waves form in many rivers. Playboaters find those waves and surf them all day long. As boats become better and kayakers become better, new tricks are created all the time. Playboaters enjoy cartwheels, loops and blunts (The trick and the other one).

Sea Kayaking- The sport for the man who is content with his life. Can be very tame (Gulf of Mexico) or as tricky as an easy whitewater river (Washington). Finally, a boat that can carry a full keg (or 5).

Recreational kayaking- includes fishing, having fun at the beach, kayaking easy rivers or just having fun at the lake. The gateway drug to the other types of kayaking.
Hurricanes mean two things in Houston: No school and finally enough water to go kayaking through backyards, golf courses and off that ledge you have always imagined as a waterfall.
by Javelina! March 23, 2011
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best effing thing ever. kayaking is intense and the funnest thing you will ever do. white water kayaking is the best.
Girl: i love kayaking
Boy: I know! its so intense!
by lmfaoily July 29, 2009
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kayaking is akin to motorboating but with small breasts
I was kayaking this flat chick last night. I had a weird half chub.
by Juciy jamba December 26, 2018
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slang for the act of a married woman having lesbian sex with another woman.
Kostas didn't realize that when his wife went "kayaking", her partner was kayaking HER!
by Morphy December 15, 2003
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The act of consuming alcoholic beverages in excessive amounts while not meeting the legal age requirements of society.
Dan: Hey I think Peter went Kayaking last night.
Fred: Yeah, I know. It looks like he has a hangover...
by Zarradeth March 14, 2007
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Similar to motor-boating but with butt cheeks instead of boobies (ie. eating ass).
Johnny: I heard Peter is an ass eater from way back.

Tony: Yeah, he went kayaking this weekend.
by Z3BUL0N October 13, 2020
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