1. a (noun) meaning a man with an overwhelming desire to have an extreme amount of sex. mayos are known to be very well indowed and make excellent boyfriends as well as lovers.

2. a (noun) mayo is a thick white substance, some people spread on sandwhiches. made from oil, eggs, vinegar and seasonings.
1. "mayo and i have amazing sex on a daily basis!"

2."i want some mayo on my sandwhich please."
by herbalangelkc February 04, 2010
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Jesus' Jizz
Jesus:"this wine represents my blood, this bread represents my flesh"
Thomas:"what about this Mayo?"
Thomas: (λˆˆβ€Έλˆˆ)
by Choko Maqacue February 29, 2020
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If u watched David and Liza's breakup video, u will see a clip were Liza refers to love as mayo
Somebody pass me the mayo
-Scotty Sire
by Axo the Axolotl June 13, 2018
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A small town on a peninsula just outside Annapolis, Maryland. Masters at beer pong, tubing/wakeboarding, and partying. You can find marijuana on almost every teenager over thirteen. Don't be to surprised by their abusive, vulgar, and often threatening language/behavior or if every white person you meet acts as if he were black. Also see Edgewater.
Out of Towner: Where the hell did you get all that weed?
Mayo Resident: Yo, where else but Mayo cracker? I won it kicking some white son of a bitch's ass at beer pong while at the sickest party EVER.
by sarababeee September 24, 2008
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$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ duh
slingin yeyo to make my mayo
by M jane July 12, 2003
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Place: Anne Arundel County, Maryland

Stomping Ground for the best beer pong players alive.
95% of inhabitants educate at Salisbury University
100% of inhabitants wakeboard, or have wakeboarded, or spend their summers in or on the water.
Outsiders: "How did you beat me so quickly in beer pong? Then how did you steal my girl because you have sublime skill on a wakeboard?"
Common Man from Mayo: "Mayo."
by Lobster April 20, 2005
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when a man or woman is sexually aroused and releases a creamy sticky white substance from the genitalia region. see semen.

noun- the substance released.
while watching 2 girls 1 cup, simon mayoed everywhere.

why would you leave mayo stains on your bed?
by juddyyyyyyy July 10, 2008
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