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cheap cigarettes that come in a blue and silver pack of regular or superking. they are nasty harsh and taste like shit.
mayfair gets all its customers from chavs who cant afford anything else.
by ~innocent~ February 05, 2008
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Is a most amazing person in the world. a person who is beyond beautiful both on the inside and the outside. a powerfully unique individual with a desire to make the world a better place to live. a person on a sacred mission with passion, devotion and loyalty. You will find no other like this person in the entire world. behind his highly attractive face is a strength and love so strong, which inspires you. A Mayfair is beyond human description. Also has an the loveliest hair.
person 1: have you seen mayfair?
person 2: of course, he is unmissable. his tall frame and super awesome hair
person 1: i know right, lets please hugs him... i heard he gives great hugs
by bellowmellow July 03, 2010
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Mayfair, one of the most successful factions of all time is still striving in the factions experience this year. With players named amongst the elite, we are able to compete with the 'Tier 1 factions' with a 'quality over quantity' roster.

Have you got what it takes to keep your place? With many great individual players, everybody task is to dedicate themselves to work with the faction to succeed every map.
omg mayfair on top
whos the faction who gets ran down every server they play? mayfair!
by elearneconomics August 02, 2018
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