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What exactally did paris hilton do to become a "celebrity"? oh thats right, jack $hit. her makeup is horrible, and she looks like a sack of bones rattling around on the red carpet.
*in science class*
person 1: hey look at the skeleton model.
person 2: it looks like paris hilton, it just needs a buttload of eyeshadow on it.
by stranger June 10, 2004

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"Cakeboy" is a term I first came across in Clueless. In this case, it is used to announce that the man is homosexual, and while some would describe it as hateful, I happen to think it is a rather nice word, and hope that someday it will be used by the general public to promote homosexuality. Rarer still is my creation "cakegirl" (not yet in circulation) which means "lesbian".
1. As gay man - "Yo Cher, your man Christian is a cakeboy".
by stranger December 20, 2004

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Where as most cakeboys would allow free access to the spare room (entrance at rear), there are some who choose to make a living from it. Such gentlemen are known as "rent boys" - boys to whom one pays rent.
1. "The rent boy went to the supermarket to pick up a fresh batch of KY Jelly"
2. "Fetch me a rent boy"
by stranger December 22, 2004

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Maw is a common Scottish word for mother, however it can be used in many other situations where "mum", would not be at all appropriate! Instead of saying "No, I don't agree with that", one can simply say "Aye, yer maw", and walk away - by far the superior choice for those busy those of us with have more pressing matters to attend to.
1. "Your maw is braw (tasty/babelicious)"
2. Person 1. "Naw, yer fish"
3. Person 2. "Naw yer maw" (person 2 clearly wins the argument, it's easy when you know how)
by stranger December 22, 2004

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Compton Varrio Tortilla Flats ,BIGGEST AND MOST HATED gANG IN COMPTON...
Tee Flats
by sTrAnGeR April 06, 2004

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"Arse Pirate" is a witty combination of the words "arse" (rear end) and "pirate" (if you don't know, you're an idiot). The phrase is highly versatile and consequently you will find it appropriate the next time you witness a rimming, or an act of homosexual lovin'.
1. Where it simply means gay man - "That arse pirate sure is going for it"
2. By a child (v. rare) "Mummy, when I grow up, I want to be an arse pirate"
by stranger December 20, 2004

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Coined in the late 20th century, the lesser-spotted "fannybawz" is derived from a combination of the terms "fanny" (minge) and "bawz" (testicles). It is generally used as an insult or exclamation, but occasionally can be used as a term of endearment. It is also most commonly found in Scotland. Next time you're up here, use it in a sentence to impress your new friends with your in-depth knowledge of their locale.
1. As an exclamation - "Fannybawz, I forgot the mustard!"
2. Insult - "You're rather ugly, fannybawz"
3. Term of endearment (rare) - "Oh fannybawz, you're amazing in bed"
by stranger December 20, 2004

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