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"Maven" comes to us from the Hebrew, by way of Yiddish. In Hebrew, "mavin" means "he knows". So a "maven" is someone in the know, a real expert, or maybe sometimes just a self-styled expert.
"You need to decide on a new computer? Talk to my cousin, he just graduated from CalTech, he's a real maven."
"Okay, so you read one magazine article, what does that make you, a maven?"
by Sharon Ann September 10, 2005
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A Yiddish word that can be traced back to the 1960's. Suddenly became popular with pretentious female 'new media' types who were not confident enough to call themselves an expert.
Use: "I'm a social media maven".
Translation: "I'm a pretentious twat who uses Twitter. A lot".
by Uber Shell November 06, 2015
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a super fly drop kickin machine! the man has no limits, except for the dropkick, cause thats what he does best, and at all. one time, i saw maven drop kick this guy, and the was totally down, until he stepped out of the way and maven fell. but he got back up, he's a total fighter/brawler, maven roxors my soxors. maven is the man/child of the wwe. ALL HAIL MAVEN and his glorious drop kick. i hear he's working on another move.... shhhh! dont tell! 'the MISSILE drop kick' whoa shit nigga, that fly busta will fuck you up!
'one time my friend kyle saw maven try to do a hiptoss. he almost did it, it was cool. and by cool, i mean totally sweet!'
by Shavin' Maven August 29, 2003
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a dork amongst dorks; an uber dork; or, used when a dork is about to go in a diatribe about his or her passion. Refernce: the Simpsons.
At the comic books store, the guy that knows ever apearance of the Silver Sable is a total maven.
by Water of Wonder June 12, 2004
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Someone who has just been 'maved' and is dripping from the 'pap' The after effects of being maved.
Also see sobering up.
john - god he is maven
tracy- paps drippin out his ass
john- wait till he's sober he will regret it
tracy- shall we help him?
john- no he might mave us too
by [maved] February 04, 2004
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Maven is the most funny guy you will ever meet. He is always looking to hug people that comes his way. He loves to spark joy in other people. If you ever meet a Maven you will most likely fall for him. He is always looking for adventure outside. He is also adorable! He will make your world turn upside down
Hey i met this guy and he is so sweet like i can’t

it must be Maven

by mavenisthebestboy May 25, 2019
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