Mare is a wonderful name for a girl with a beautiful personality, she is so goddamn nice and so cool in the same time.

Has a sense of justice and open af.

You better dont underestimate her.

She has a wonderful voice, is hard working and would do anything, to make her friends shine again.

Might even be the coolest person u will ever meet so never underestimate her.
Etnik is also cool tho.
I felt sad but a friend made me feel so good again, she's such a Mare.
I know right, she also has a wonderful voice and so much confidence.
by LilKanSer September 16, 2021
A cougar like woman. but the difference is the
*A mare is extremely Gentle, tender and super romantic with her mate (to a point of overdoing it).

* A Mare seeks a companion or mate she can both make love to and at the same time mother.

To note most "mare"s are usually Lonely housewives, Mothers (with empty nest syndrome) looking for something to nuzzle
Mike myers voice: note the mother like Aura, the mare gives off.
by Theamazinggeek February 25, 2015
A Mare is a human being with one of the best personalities, you will ever meet.
She has so much empathy and literally is so goddamn cool in any way.
She fights what she thinks is right or wrong and has a really good sense of justice and her presence alone, makes you shine the most.
She is talented and has a wonderful voice.
Her voice makes everyone shine and happy.
You better shouldn't break her trust because, she fights hard for her friends.
She is really open about anything yet it's really difficult to get her trust but if you get it, you'll have a very caring and beautiful human right next you.
A Mare in general is just, the coolest friend you can get.
Write really cool Poems together, talk about everything in life, have a wonderful time together.
I mean you can sure watch the stars together, yet it will be very difficult to focus on those because, a Mare's presence alone, already gives the best feelings ever.
Her Personality might shine the most from all people, you will ever meet.
"Omg, I really didnt feel good yet she helped me with her wise and wonderful words."
"Yeah I know! she is such a Mare."
by LilKanSer September 17, 2021
"Get your pare face on"

"Let's go mare"

"It's gonna be such a mare"
by lina.bina April 11, 2009
A woman who meets at least three of the following five qualities:

1. Between the ages of 35 and 60
2. Is a lesbian
3. Is heavy set
4. Works in various service industries including postal worker, bank teller, plumber, firefighter, construction worker, and/or Wal-Mart greeter
5. Has a short, manly haircut

As a bonus way to identify a Mare, many Mares often enjoy enjoy eating at Ryan's buffet, or "the trough." They can also be spotted wearing sweatpants, plaid, moo moos, and wrangler jeans.

See also: Filly
Kid: "Hey Dad, did Sparky bite that old man who brings our mail again?"
Dad: "No son, that was just a Mare. Her hide is tougher than a thousand sheets of steel."
by caro mio March 1, 2009