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1) Large breasts that are fun to play with.

2) A woman with large breasts.
1) "Roberta Pedon had a great set of funbags."

2) "I'd like you to meet my date, Funbags. She calls herself 'Shirley'."
by tman September 06, 2004

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The least appealing member of a group of attractive women who acts as a cockblocker for all of them. She will abandon her efforts if your wingman comes in and saves the day.
Get Geoff over here to be my wingman and stop this mother hen from ruining my chances to pick up her hot friends.
by tman August 11, 2003

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Name invented by 1960s rock group Mothers of Invention for a particular underage groupie shared by several members of the group during a concert stop on Maui in 1966; referred to in several later songs. Alleged actual name Wanda Adams; see Rolling Stone, 1971 interview of Frank Zappa.
"Oooh, Suzy Creamcheese, you feel so fine!"
by tman March 13, 2004

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A sexually available girl who has many partners.
1) "God, I slept with all of them. I was such a mattress last night!"

2) "I'll introduce you to Suzy. She is such a mattress."
by tman July 03, 2004

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Noun; a term with several nuanced meanings, popularized by Liz Phair in her 1996 song of the same name:

1) A woman confused about a relationship, but willing to do anything for her man;

2) A very young woman who values her identity as being promiscuously available for oral sex with many men;

3) In many colleges, a young woman who is readily available to a particular group (such as a team or fraternity) for blowjobs.
1) I'll be your blowjob queen.

2) When I was 14, I was a real blowjob queen.

3) And after pledge week, I'll line you up with Wanda, our blowjob queen.
by tman September 15, 2004

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skilled at fellatio (usage applied only to women)
The date was boring until she proved she was good on her knees.
by tman March 11, 2004

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Clear evidence of performing fellatio.
When they came out of the bathroom her hair was mussed; she might as well have had dirty knees.
by tman March 11, 2004

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