Mastodon is:

Brann Dailor - Drums
Brent Hines - Guitar and Vocals
Troy Sanders - Bass and Vocals
Bill Kelliher - Guitars

Mastodon is metal act hailing from Atlanta, Georgia. They simply defy categorization, but if I were to attempt to label them, it would be something along the lines of prog-death/sludge, but that's pretty insufficient. The band draws inspiration from lots of different bands, so to truly understand Mastodon, you must hear Mastodon.

Their latest release, Leviathan, is a concept album that doesn't suck, which is worthy of praise for this alone. It's based on the story of Moby Dick. The band never sounds confined to the story, as thematic elements of the novel are addressed without summarizing the novel. This release is remarkably ambient, unlike their previous full-length, Remission. Every track is different and the CD may take a few listens to fully appreciate all that the band has to offer. The musicianship is top-notch; although the guitarist and the bassist (also vocalist) are completely proficient, the drummer steals the show. He's a master on the skins, providing some of the most exciting fills that perfectly fit the song. His excellence never comes off as 'showy', and at times, some of the more simpler stuff he plays is the most impressive.

In addition to the aforementioned full-length release Remission, Mastodon has an earlier LP, Lifesblood.
If you don't appreciate Mastodon, you're either a faggot, an indie kid, or a kvlt kiddie. Either way, you're fucking gay.
by hermanator05 January 7, 2005
the greatest band in metal music today, recently surpassing Tool, even though they are heavily inspired by tool, their new album Crack the Skye is basically what 10k days would of sounded like if Tool gave a shit anymore, not saying tool sucks, just that they dont give a shit... cuz their fucking tool... you know?

Mastodon kind of sound like Rush meets Frank Zappa meets Tool meets Radiohead meets Ozzy Osbourne meets Lynyrd Skynyard and a whole bunch of other shit. The only insult you can make towards this great band is that they just sound like a bunch of bands combined, but then again it is pretty amazing that they cross to many genre's and different bands to make their own unique sound.

New album Crack The Skye is absolutely incredible... "the czar" and "the last baron" sounds like Jesus came back to earth and made metal music.... seriously.
"i just got back from the mastodon show, it feels like a lightning bolt hit the tip of my penis"
by mastodonistheshit August 29, 2009
A band that is so metal it's scary.
I listened to Mastodon one day. Then I wished I could condense them into liquid and inject it in my veins.
by rockhard May 3, 2007
great unholy weilders of the... LINOLEUM KNIIIIIIIIIIFE!!!!!
"if you make out here i will cut your lips and tongue from your head with a.... LINOLEUM KNIIIIIIIIIIFE!!!!!" -mastodon
by Shaka-zulu August 12, 2008
1) An enormous, wooled elephant existing since before the time of modern man. A distant relative of the Wooly Mammoth, the mastodon preferred more temperate climates, although was found primarily in colder regions.
2) A brutish, uncouth, and ridiculously physically powerful character although somewhat lacking in intellect. Usually proclaims self as such.
1) I want a pet Mastodon!!!
by TBarb May 8, 2005
A free, open-source, decentralized social network. Anyone can create or join an "instance" of Mastodon, where an instance is a unique domain name, and instances can be "federated" with each other so someone using one instance can interact with users on another instance. Comparable to email, where a Gmail user can email with a Yahoo mail user and vice versa. Comparable to Twitter, but less corporate and fewer Nazis. However, admins can run their instances however they wish, and may choose to allow/prohibit/monitor content that includes racism and other -isms, pornography, violence, etc.

The service allows posts to be placed behind a content warning (CW), and allows media to be marked as NSFW, and can be posted publicly, to followers only, as a direct message, or unlisted (where the post is public, but does not show in the federated timeline). Most instances allow posts to contain 500 characters available, and some instances allow much longer posts.

Posts are called "toots," and reposts are called "boosts," but instances can be customized to fit a theme or other preferences. Usernames are formatted as @username@instance.domain, such as, where user @gargon is on the instance
After I joined Mastodon, I deleted my Twitter account and never looked back.
by nothin2seehere June 3, 2017
mastodon is, besides an extinct mammal and a metal band, a decentralized open-source social media tool. If I'm understanding it correctly, there are a lot of different servers running mastodon software. These are called instances. People with accounts on one instance can interact with people on other instances. All these instances together are called a federation. It seems to be particulary popular with people who are fed up with twitter, because of it's lack of ads and increased discourse between people running the instances and people using it. It also seems to be popular among japanese people, for two of the biggest instances are japanese language, one of which is hosted by pixiv.
It is also possible to host a private mastodon instance that is invisible to outsiders. This could prove very helpful for companies.

OFFICIAL WEBSITE: joinmastodon DOT org
POPULAR INSTANCE: mastodon DOT social
hey have you heard of mastodon? You can easily find your twitter mutuals if they've connected their accounts.
by I like mastodon August 21, 2018