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To be a 'champion'; lead, grow, build; see potential, fill empty buckets, teach. Usually a person with great independence and an ability to see the big picture, read signs others miss. Ultra-observant, über-generous.
Hey, did you see how that guy saved that woman's life? He's a real Hines.
by jihgf April 22, 2010
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the inconsequential passing of time. That thing that happens when you intend to have a bath and eat some food then alas it's quarter to midnight and you've.... done... nothing.
"Hello Robert, what did you do last night?"
"I have no idea. I was in hine.
by Flastie August 14, 2010
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To be redneck, english & spanish speaking, and laidback all at the same time. A Hines loves what he does and is a man of his word.
Guy 1: did you see him? Just from his looks he is definitely a Hines.

Guy 2: Totally, man.
by ReggaeMan77 September 20, 2011
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A hine is a colletion of your own hair over a lifetime put into a pile and then worshiped at for long periods of time.
Barber:Wow you realy needed a haircut what alot of hair!
(starts sweeping hair of the floor)
Jason:WTF dude dont chuck it away i need it for my hine...geez
by Felixxx April 26, 2008
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A word you use to describe a person who is HOTT and FINE
Man, that boy is so HINE I cant wait to meet him.
by Emili and Payton (GIRLS) February 07, 2005
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The modified response when someone greets you with, “Hi, how are you?”
Q: Hi, how are you? A: Hine!
by JKinLA September 13, 2009
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