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the greatest band in metal music today, recently surpassing Tool, even though they are heavily inspired by tool, their new album Crack the Skye is basically what 10k days would of sounded like if Tool gave a shit anymore, not saying tool sucks, just that they dont give a shit... cuz their fucking tool... you know?

Mastodon kind of sound like Rush meets Frank Zappa meets Tool meets Radiohead meets Ozzy Osbourne meets Lynyrd Skynyard and a whole bunch of other shit. The only insult you can make towards this great band is that they just sound like a bunch of bands combined, but then again it is pretty amazing that they cross to many genre's and different bands to make their own unique sound.

New album Crack The Skye is absolutely incredible... "the czar" and "the last baron" sounds like Jesus came back to earth and made metal music.... seriously.
"i just got back from the mastodon show, it feels like a lightning bolt hit the tip of my penis"
by mastodonistheshit August 29, 2009

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