When you don't use your real name on myspace, in turn making it impossible to find someone using the search function.
Creepy Guy From Work: "Hey, I spent like 4 hours searching for you on myspace...do you even have one??"

Me: "Of course I do, I'm just myspace unlisted, stupid. Look up Carlton Banks, maybe you'll find me (but hopefully not)"
by der der derrr February 26, 2009
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People who are in this VERY FAMOUS ROBLOX CLAN are absolute gamers who should totally make out with UnlistedUwU, the sexiest one there!
Person 1: Yo, you ever heard of Unlisted Clan
Person 2: Hell yeah, they are so cool!!
by January 8, 2022
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This show is amazing, y'all should watch it.

The Unlisted is a Netflix original about two male twins named Drupad and Kalpen Sharma. One day, there's a dentist checkup at their school the presumably needed an approval by parents in order for their child to be "checked"

It turns out it's an organization known as The Global Child Initiative(GCI)(Infinity Group) embedded implants in the jawbones of children, allowing them to control their mind, track them, things like that. This is a secret to everyone.

Because Drupad had a nightmare about the dentist that morning, he wanted Kalpen to take his place. Kal agreed and got Dru's implant.

When Dru finds out about this whole implant thing, he figured that they were tracking their phones too, so they use walkie talkies to communicate. They go test them out when they discover other kids named Gemma, Jacob, Kymara and Rose were on the same frequency as them. They decide to meet up and they share information about the implants, Infinity Group, etc.

They eventually start working together to take down Infinity Group.

This show is amazing and I recommend it! I would consider it sci-fi horror or something since there are some creepy elements... I guess
1. Arwen:Did you catch up on The Unlisted yet? Yknow, from the sleepover

Arwen:Honestly, I don't know how Maddie thought it was creepy, she literally watches Stranger Things!
Amelia:Stranger things is not that creepy....

Arwen:I never watched Stranger Things so IDK
by KKtrina April 15, 2020
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Women : Hey have you seen unlisted I want to give him gawk gawk 9000
Another Women : same
by AEGNOBALLS November 25, 2021
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A loser who is the worst at fortnite and calls people bad even though he's worse.
Bro my friend is such an Unlisted LIVE.
by ClownerClown original December 1, 2019
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