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A milf who is not really a mother, just a stepmother, so there are no possible blood problems.
A guy had sex with his stepmilf and his stepsis.
by Aliases January 21, 2010
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Horace is a polite way of saying whore ass, because it sounds like horses.
I went to look at the barn, and inside there were many horaces.
by Aliases August 31, 2011
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Whenever apocalyptic doom is on the horizon, humans are more likely to have sex because it relieves the tension, nervousness and fear. This is called panic sex.
John had panic sex with his girlfriend every single time there was the possibility of nuclear war between two nations, especially when Russia was involved. The panic sex made him forget about all his worries.
by Aliases March 2, 2014
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A blackaholic is a white woman who only dates black men, and who always refuses to go out with white guys. She prefers black men because they are taller, more musical, more charming and also because they have bigger penises.

Blackaholics are not necessarily sluts, although sometimes they are mistakenly believed to be sluts.
Rosa is a blackaholic. Being herself white, she refused to go out with Michael because he is white. She told Michael that she only dates black men.
by Aliases February 3, 2013
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Nickname given to Canadians. Also known as the ''snow people''.
SON : The winter lasted almost nine months this year.

DAD : It's no big deal for us Canadians. People call us the frozen chosen.
by Aliases February 18, 2014
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A girlfriend that acts like she's your mom.
Joe thought he was getting a girlfriend, but instead he got a momfriend.
by Aliases August 15, 2011
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A Sandy Hooker is someone who believes that the shootings at Sandy Hook in December 2012 were actually a false flag terrorist attack by the United States government. This is a conspiracy theory that says that the Obama administration ordered the massacre to occur so that it could implement stricter gun control laws.
Alex Jones is a Sandy Hooker because he believes in the Sandy Hook conspiracy theory. He is also a truther and a birther.
by Aliases February 3, 2013
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