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masterbationin mass
Teacher--"Ok class, who wants to mass-debate today?"
Jade--"I do, I do! and so does Jenny and Tabitha"
Teacher--"OK, we'll do guys versus girls, whoever comes first gets extra points!"
by shawnf25 December 08, 2003
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1. Of or relating to the action of masturbation.

2. To masturbate
1. "What are you doin afterschool today?"

"Well, I'm obviously going to go home and massively debate."

2. Oh wow. That Matt Orton kid really needs to loosen up. He should go home and mass debate about something.
by Wanganat0r December 02, 2004
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To have a large argument with many people.
(a) Oh man, I was Mass Debating with my girlfriend and her friends. Boy, am I tired.
(b) I love having a Mass Debate.
by TalkingToYourKiller July 13, 2008
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