The fraternal organization of all bald people in the world, guiding today's society through obscure indirect political maneuvers.
One bald guy can be found at any public event, pretending to have a family and silently surveilling the digression of the events.
A: "Do you see that bald guy?"
B:"Yes, he looks so serious and unhappy, like he knows things that he can't speak about."
A:"No way, he looks like he's in the fucking Masonry or something."
B:"To be fair, he looks like any bald guy."
A:"Then any bald guy must be part of it"
by Salvo la Scopa November 6, 2022
A form of something put in a mason jar.
See "Mason Jar"
John:OMG yesterday i put masonry in my mason jar!
Jill: OMG me too!
John: wtf? wats mason jar?
Jill: Go look it up u asshole wtf do i look like? a whore?
by Me November 20, 2004
So called for the tendency among sexually uninspired women to lay supine and motionless during intercourse. The term modifies the well-known term missionary position with the girl's brick-like demeanor.
The girl I took home last night was rubbish in the sack. The only sex she knew was masonry position--she laid like a fucking brick.
by Dweebston February 6, 2011
Where she lays there like a brick.
I was doing her masonry style, and she didn't move or make a sound once.
by arv907 January 27, 2011
A Top-Secret father and son masonry partnership credited with work standing in four states.

Their last masonry work was their first fully dry stack home owned by Mr. Pickle (not his real name) in Haskel County Oklahoma. This home displays the Angel-stones on the porch and Destiny's Spear with its broken tip pointing West. This home is art in itself.

If you break the code and find this home in the real world you are guilty of trespass. Pictures of the artwork of the creator have been posted on Facebook since 2016. This definition acts as a geocache clue.

Be a good diplomat for Lord Bud and Christ Bob should you find the artwork as it was Jesus who carried the Yoke that connected the father and the son. The children of God love adventures and puzzles to solve so the writing we do should serve that purpose. Blessings, respect, and love to all without prejudice from The "Oklahoma Blackberry Plantation."
geocacher 1: Wow for someone's first fully dry stack job that was amazing as it must have been extremely tedious to do.
geocacher 2: I agree. it was worth the trip to see it. The Facebook page showed us the other works done by Stung by the Yoke Masonry without having to travel.

geocacher 3: But getting outside and talking to real people is more fun than working the online puzzles the picture of Destiny's Spear did not compare to seeing it up close.
by Spiritual-Master January 29, 2022
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