to lay falt on one's back, often while getting a blow j
"You broseph I was at my house all night laying supine and getting a mad blow j!"
by E.L. Godkin October 13, 2007
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The opposite of pronate but increases the amount of torque and horse power involved in whatever activity you might be partaking in.
"I really had to supinate my tongue when she sat on my face for maximum pleasure!"
by The ultimate DARKHORSE January 28, 2014
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A type of homoerotic dance that involves bloody chickens and a paper hat.
In Kilopinoyugysylvania, A supin is often used as a dating ritual.
by sabrina parziale February 24, 2005
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having the vibe of a supine manner
"yo dude i walked into the party and i got hit with a layer of supinity that everyone was giving off, so i took my pants off and layed down"
by E.L. Godkin October 13, 2007
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Supine Bicyclists are a gang or rather a Mafia of sorts. They claim to be simply a group of bicycle enthusiasts in order to evade police detection although after a number of Federal Investigations and drug raids it was aparent that there was a clear criminal element to it. They run the prisons in Nor-Cal and they run various different street gangs such as French Camp Mafia. They are very secretive and technologically advanced. They have lower level gangs do their dirty work for them as to not be detected by law enforcement. They are rumored to be even more powerful than the Mexican Drug Cartels and Italian Mafia. The full patch members are few in number and are compromised of only true Men who are both strong smart and brutal. Their presence is world wide.

The Supine Bicyclists are a very hush hush organization if you know what I mean.
When they do right, nobody remembers When they do wrong, nobody forgets. Supine Bicyclists are the true Cocaine Mafia.
by Savannah Halfrica May 23, 2019
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a sam that is laying down and/or taking a nap.

a sam that is gazing at the stars.

a lazy sam.
Supine Sam was doing nothing as she gazed at the ceiling fan longingly.
by bugohabina18 August 19, 2007
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