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The act of being groped or sexually harrassed.
That guys hands were all over her. She was totally just masoned.
by weroiujdvnd November 06, 2007
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Getting so drunk that you can barely talk, don't remember any of the nights activities, and do random weird shit like crack eggs into toasters and put shoes into blenders when you get home from drinking.
I went to the roxy last night, and got so masoned, I can't believe I made it back home afterwards
by Maxxscam September 24, 2011
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past tense verb, Derived from former University of Minnesota head football coach Glen Mason, to choke or screw up something that should be easy in dramatic fashion.
Dude i studied six hours for my basic math test, but i totally masoned it.
by scottyb38 May 06, 2008
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