Acne produced by wearing face masks.
Yeah, I’m an essential worker too. I appreciate the pay but I don’t enjoy the maskne after a 10 hour shift .
by Droopy10 April 18, 2020
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acne that is caused by wearing a mask (due to COVID-19)
I have so much maskne because of this thing!
by śärühhhhh January 31, 2021
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Acne across the lower half of the face from long hours of mask wearing during Covid-19.
My face is covered in maskne blemishes.
by Catwolf May 29, 2020
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Acne caused by the trump administration due to even further failed prevention of covid. Maskne begins to occur after about a year of wearing masks to prevent the spread of certain airborne viruses. Treatment options for this condition include everyone wear a fucking mask, spray some aquaphor on that shit, stay inside if you still have any savings left over and watch must see movies(google movies you have to see before we all die from the destruction America has caused due to not taking proper precautionary measures during these dark times)
Lady: “ugh this maskne is getting on my nerves
Gentleman: “I think you still look beautiful”

Lady: “oh shut the fuck up Tom”
by Johnnydebt July 16, 2020
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The zits that grow under your COVID mask.
After a month of wearing my Covid mask, I have maskne zits the size potatoes.
by Goofnut June 14, 2020
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The small little pimples you get on your face after wearing a mask for ten hours, five days a week.
Sometimes I like wearing my mask, this way people cannot see my maskne
by nickylags December 11, 2020
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Maskne is acne or dry skin (combination of both if you are really unfortunate) that develops due to wearing a face mask.
I developed maskne during the 2020/2021 Covid-19 pandemic from the cheap surgical masks.
by HeyMzTFNY April 19, 2021
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