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someone who earns minimum wage yet has the ability to ruin your day
I went through the drive through and wanted no pickles on my burger, the minimum wage day wrecker not only gave me four extra pickles he added F'n relish. I was pissed
by NickyLags September 11, 2010

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A piece of clothing that wraps around the waist hiding the ass most popular forms of Ass Aprons are sweaters or long sleeve shirts
I was walking in the mall and this gorgeous girl was coming my way, when she walked by me I looked back to get a look at her ass but she had it covered with her ass apron
by NickyLags July 30, 2010

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The time a father spends on any of his child's activities such as sports, school work, cheer leading, teaching the child how to ride a bike or drive
guy 1 - Hey call your buddy there is a kick ass concert tonight and I have an extra ticket.

guy2 - I already asked him and he said he has to go to his sons dance recital

guy 1- Man, your boy is sure dadicated to his kids..
by NickyLags October 03, 2012

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The name a white person uses when he or she is referring to an African American who which they have a close friendship.
The only way you can call a black man or woman the N word is if you have earned their respect, so to avoid ever using the word I just refer to Tyree as my N-Friend
by NickyLags January 19, 2012

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The time that someone waits after going dookie in the employee rest room until no one is in the rest room and the coast is clear to make their exit in order to maintain anonymity
boss: Why are you late for the presentation?
employee: sorry I had to stall pause
boss: what?
employee: after last nights all you can drink draft beer and all you could eat taco's I blew up the bathroom and just as I was ready to walk out of the stall the maintenance guy came in so I had to stall pause while he replaced the towels.
by NickyLags May 06, 2011

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Any individual who feels compelled to bring in leftover food to the office to share with their co-workers. Usually this individual likes to remain anonymous as the food will either suck or make you sick.
guy 1. "hey who brought the spinach artichoke dip in?"

guy 2. "it was that damn anonymous office leftover miser again last time I had the runs for two days, I wouldn't go near it"
by NickyLags October 14, 2010

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Posters Block is the in ability to think of anything creative usually resulting in a post that will talk about food, your day or how much somone screwed you over severe cases of Posters Block is quoting a song you heard while the DJ said “couples skate only"
Dude, I had to delete my cousin from FaceBook I mean I love her, but she has a sever case of posters block, it got so bad she started posting the lyrics to "Don't stop believing" by Journey
by NickyLags July 20, 2010

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