Marsh is a cute boy, who is also very messy! Ladies watch out Marsh is here! Marsh is a very good friend and generally kinda scary. He is not very open to strangers, has one very close friend, He doesn't leave her side and has a secret crush on her. He has medium hair shaved to a pomp fade and is always very messy. When he was young his older brother killed himself because he was being bullied, ever since that Marsh never let anyone close to him. He is second in command in his gang. Not afraid to stand up for what he believes in.
Eva- "Who's that cutie"
Kimmy- "Him?"
Eva- "Yes"
Kimmy- "That's Marsh, my 'bestfriend' "
by LilyPopYT June 24, 2019
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chylers hamster,part of salakau,if got problem come find him
don’t make me call marsh on you ah
by Marsh salakau March 07, 2020
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Marsh is still wearing skinny jeans. they should’ve left those in 3016.
by roman416 December 29, 2020
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Marsh is the best of God's creations. Legend has it that the number of her secret admirers are enough to the orbit diameter of the Sun once. People speculate that she had a bigger brain than Thomas Edison since she proposed that the Earth is lit up owing to her awesomeness, in which she would shine in the dark, but not due to the light bulbs. People once thought that an impeccable girl who owned both beauty and wisdom did not exist, until they met Marsh.
by mashieee June 13, 2020
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When having heated sexual intercourse in the cowgirl position the male performes the "marsh" by grasping the back of the females head and bucking forcefully with his hips until the females head enters or pierces the headboard/wall behind.
I was having such heated sex last night that i totally marsh'd my girlfriend
by Hector whaller June 26, 2017
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Marsh is the most intelligent and prettiest girl in the world. She’s very lovable who will dazzle everyone around her. Not only is she clever, but she’s also good at art, music and sports!!!! Most importantly, she even bakes. People always compare her with the Disney princesses, in which people thought such impeccable human being only exists in fairy tales, not until they met Marsh.
Marsh is so awesome in the way that she shines brighter than the sun :,)
Be like Marsh.
by Mashie June 13, 2020
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Holy bleep, how could somebody so intelligent and clever exist! Not only can she bake, but she is also good at arts, music, sports and cookery. Legend has it that she has a larger brain than Newton, in which she proposed that the dropping of an apple from the tree is due to her own attractiveness, but not the gravity. Once upon a time, people thought that such impeccable girl who owned both beauty and wist only existed in fairy tales, until they met Marsh.
by Mashie June 13, 2020
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