The other day we caught Jane watching Food Network with his pants down.
by domaurarigatou January 3, 2009
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an extremely addictive channel on television, devoted to food and cooking
I was up last night watching the Food Network for 6 hours.
by holly golightly721 August 8, 2005
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A TV station for stay-at-home moms, aspiring chefs, and stoners. Also a favorite of broke college students.
Carla: I'm so hungry!

Marrissa: Maybe you should quit watching the Food Network then.
by funinthesun December 17, 2008
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The most creative, addicting, and mouthwatering network on Television dealing with a topic loved by all human beings- FOOD. Period.
Did you see Throwdown with Bobby Flay last night after the Food Network birthday cake challenge? Wow it was insane!
by Berman September 18, 2006
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a channel dedicated to food and cooking shows, but as proven by Randy Marsh on South Park the food network also doubles as a porn channel

T.v.: "look at how the meat just falls off the bone"
Randy Marsh: aww fuck yeah thats hot *grabs blanket and proceeds to fap.

"I wasn't fapping to the food network
by forever a nerd January 8, 2011
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The act of receiving a handjob while watching the food network.
Clint and Sophia were watching Paula Deen make some biscuitson the food network. Clint got aroused so Sophia decided to give him a food networking.
by Powd September 24, 2018
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This actually means that the person is moving to California to sell blowjobs at the bus station.
Oh, it's okay, but soon I'll be moving to California to write for the Food Network, and it'll all be better.
by SocratesTheYounger February 2, 2011
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