Lorde is a 22-year-old pop/indie singer from New Zealand. Best known for her hit singles like 'Royals', 'Team' and 'Green Light'.
person 1: Hey, have you listened to Lorde's new album?

person 2: not yet!

peron 1: you need to.
by awhoreforharrystyles March 8, 2019
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One day, a 45-year old geologist from South Park, Colorado, decided to enter the women's bathroom at work. In there, he realised he had a knack for singing/writing songs, and decided to adapt an alternative on-stage persona, as a 17-year old girl. The result, is Lorde. The rest, is history.
Dude 1: Dude I totally jacked off to Lorde's performance last night.
Dude 2: Dude...you know it's actually a 45-year old dude?
Dude 1: Yea right, and Tupac is still alive, right?
Tupac: Haha, you gay son.
by Demonjizz January 20, 2016
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The act of becoming famous overnight and abusing the fuck out of it by claiming fantasies of random words you put in a poem/song of stuff you never had but could have now cuz you're super rich, cuz your song got number 1. in hurcules terms: Zero to hero, just like that.
crowd: LOOK ITS LORDE!!!!!

lorde: (introducing herself on stage) Hi im lorde, i dance funny while i sing and i have pubic hair all over my head :> lets make do with some random singymajigs i have wroted with my poetic brainz

crowd: if this is what pop is now WE LOVE IT!!!!

pop: {slaps forehead}
by Rickdickroshan January 14, 2014
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A 45-year-old male geologist from South Park, Colorado, who understands his daughter.

Her music is inspired by feelings of acceptance and days of the week.
Reporter: Who is she?
Lorde: Ya, ya, ya, I am Lorde, ya, ya, ya.
by Safe Place May 24, 2020
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A unit of measurement equal to 65"/165 cm, or about 9.3 bananas (for scale). The Lorde as a non-SI unit of measure came about as a result of her hit song, "Royals", in which the singer specifically requests she become a scale for measuring objects ("Let me be your ruler").
Guy 1: I'm not a big fan of tall girls.

Guy 2: What are you talking about? She's barely even 1.1 Lordes.
by ccccchris February 11, 2014
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