the act of sexual intrusion in the anus, vagina, or mouth.
I'm going to marsh you up!
by btfxc August 30, 2010
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The nonbinary person who is a real hot piece of ass. You look at a Marsh and you forget you're straight or even a man. You just want to fuck that person so bad your clothes are practically falling off of yourself when you see them. sometimes it's a person you pick out in a crowd of people and you just tear up at the sight of true beauty and sexual appeal. You realize how insignificant you are in the Marsh's presence and you are but a mere toy for sexual desire.

All the while however you will be just happy you were able to pleasure someone of such appeal. You will never again see someone of the Marsh's level and you realize that sex or even life in general will not be the same anymore. You've been blessed by being used and you are happy about it.

The aftermath of this however will only be downhill. You peaked. That's it. You know you will never even see anyone that makes you want to cum at the sight of their face again.
Friend 1: hey dude I saw a real marsh the other day.

Friend 2: did you smash that ass?

Friend 1: yeah, sex just isn't the same now
by Quarbus September 21, 2020
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A term to describe the chaviest of chavyness, derives from the areas of West and East Marsh in Grimsby,Uk.
β€œOi mate that party last night was the definition of marsh” β€œAno mate”
by Lololo-2 December 01, 2017
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Wonderful, truly a precious being. Cute, funny, kind. Unforgettable, will always love them.
via giphy
by Lmsw June 24, 2020
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a toke or some bud. marijuana. pot.
'hey Joe, do you have a marsh?' said Bill, (who never seemed to have any marshes ever...)
when you go to see The Grateful Dead concert, don't forget to bring (a) marsh/(some) marshes!
by the snowcoon May 09, 2011
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Is another word for swamp or bog.

Also a semi-common last name in parts of the world, People with the last name marsh also also known for doing what ever the do well (ie cricket, music, arts and many other things)

Someone who lives in a swamp (or has ancestors who must've lived in a swamp for some reason)
"Put your hand down Marsh, let someone else get it wrong first!"

by Swampness July 20, 2008
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1.Area of permanantly wet or flooded lowland, home to many small animals, birds and insects.
2. Council estate in Lancaster, England. Near Town Centre and home to the '808' crew. Residents of said area are predominatly, although not exclusively, chavs and those that believe themselves to be 'gangsta's'.
1. Damn it! I got marsh in my shoes.
2. Feckin hell mate! That twat stole ma feckin shoes! Oh it's on!
by poshgolddigga October 30, 2008
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