.a twat
.a big twat
.a bigger twat
.a massive twat
you are a mark
you are such a mark
god he is doing a mark again
by tommy boii November 17, 2008
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1) A wrestling fan who believes that all of the events taking place are 100% real or legit. Marks are typically younger wrestling fans who haven't yet found out about the inner workings of the business.

2) An overzealous fan of a particular wrestler, promotion, or style of wrestling, similar to a fanboy.
1) My little brother really thinks that the Undertaker is undead and invincible. He's such a mark.

2) My friend is such a mark for Japanese wrestlers. He's always going on about how great they are and how American wrestlers can't hold a candle to them.
by TheKoW January 2, 2008
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someone who will break ur heart
mark will say u love him but will break ur heart
by ewegcm October 27, 2019
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a guy who will be a hoe forever
dude mark is a hoe
by majsjxk July 29, 2018
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An absolute true blue Aussie weapon who gets on the cans, even VBs for breakfast. Always wears tigers short shorts wherever her goes.
"he looks hard must be a mark"
by the bligh effect August 29, 2018
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