a chode in every aspect of the word. very short and fat, thinks he has friends but they really hate him and make fun of him. despite marks best efforts to stand up for him self he is really just a pussy, otherwise known as a chicken
Mark, there's plenty of better things to cry about than being a chicken. you could get a bad grade on a math test, you could break your arm while playing football, you could be called a chicken. wait nevermind, i shouldnt have said that
by dana hogan June 17, 2009
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a victim, the target of criminal activity such as theft or murder
He was afraid he was a mark, but had nothing of value to steal.
by The Return of Light Joker October 20, 2010
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hairy 40 year old cod virgin who can't get any moot
Mark: i want hairy moot
by DylanHoward2 June 14, 2013
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If You Cant Feed Them!??,..Please Dont Breed Them!!!
i`m mark from Pa, and im down to earth guy who likes do adventureing things!

love to make ppl laugh and play cool fun jokes!
by mark radell February 4, 2010
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The most annoying person you will ever meet, never gets an a in his report and sucks at fortnite
by LOLO_LOLOLOL November 14, 2018
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mark is spelled backwards for crack ===>KRAM which alternatively means drugs ...
Jordan:Hey, mark do you know you have crack

Mark:REALLY!!!!! Let me check myself!!!

Jordan: (((snicker)))

Mark: You bitch!!!!

Mark You stole my crack!!!!!
by jojobreez April 25, 2011
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an annoying brother who never shuts the fuck up. Often eats ice cream cones with peanut butter and chocolate on it and look like he is pregnant. he's just fat. also loves playing with barbies, drinking sprit on a regular basis and annoying the hell out f anything and everyone by calling them numerous times.
my bestfriend was being a douche, i nicely screamed at him to stop be a MARK.
by markyparky December 28, 2009
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