A pro-wrestling term used to describe the fans that believe the scripted story.
mark: "Man I wouldn't mess with Papa Shango man he used voodoo to make tar ooze out of the Undertaker's hair and Undertaker could whup anyone's ass"
by The badness December 4, 2006
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usaulay one who takes advantage of women also mostly on the short side and never talks about people to there face.
wow, what a mark.
by jim cock suckiskjndhksa11 February 20, 2009
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Mark likes braging about everything by yelling at and shacking peoples shoulders.
by eat salty eggs February 6, 2019
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An oedipal desire to spend eternity living with the woman who pushed you out of her vag. Normally ends in adolesence but has been know to last well into later in life.
-Hey you need to stop marking dude! Like give your ma's titties a rest.
-Dude, I can't cope on my own!
by LisaMDonnelly August 14, 2008
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an extremely short person who is also bow legged an jack off to everything he looks at including the movie 8 mile
damn dat niggas so horny ima call him mark
by gereld green March 18, 2008
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a giant tool douche loser who doesn't know his place in society and is a in the closet homosexual who can't get any girls and try's to play off heterosexuality by looking at ugly girls. he has no friends and is considered a loser by all his peers. a mark has few to no friends at all and will be ridiculed by everyone and take it as a sign of them liking them. he keeps everything inside and will probably kill everyone who ever made fun of him.
hey look its mark what a loser that kid is
by mark the fagget shark October 20, 2010
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the act of allowing a spliff to extinguish itself through lack of attention and smoking skills
pass us a lighter, I've marked me spliff.
by JemimaPuddle April 19, 2006
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