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A real Canadian, unlike those asswipes from Ontario and Alberta. The original and best part of Canada, where people are down to earth, take the time to talk with you and ask how you are doing, and are known for being friendly.

Oh, and we actually respect America, our neighbours and trade partners. Hell, we should join New England, as the rest of Canada has no respect for what we have to offer.

"So, you're a Maritimer... you backward Newfie!"

"No, dick wad, Newfoundland is classified only as a part of Atlantic Canada, not the Maritimes. Doesn't the watered down education system in Ontario teach geography?"
by D. Daley October 03, 2005
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A term used to describe a person who comes from or lives in the Maritime or Atlantic provinces of Canada; Newfoundland, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. These four provinces in particular have a rich sea-faring heritage, thus the derivation from the naughtical word "maritime", meaning having to do with the sea.
"I met a maritimer the other day. He said he came from Newfoundland."
by Baten Kaitos August 28, 2007
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A term used for a person living in the Atlantic provinces of Canada. i.e. Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island.

Maritimers tend to make fun of Americans, not unlike how other Canadians do, except with no logic behind it.

Maritimers are also very ignorant people, and should look at themselves before judging people from southern states like Alabama.
Albertans: Those Maritimers are so dumb, eh?
by 3.14 February 16, 2005
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An entity who inhabits the Atlantic regions of Canada. Maritimers' strong desire for Moosehead brand beer is only exceeded by their tendencies to perform anal sex on local moose who also inhabit the area. When a Maritimer is content, it will retire to its Velvet chair and usually smoke marijuana unit it passes out or pisses on itself. Use great caution when when visiting the Maritime region of Canada. Butt plugs are widely available in all Welcome Centers near the border.
"Over here to the left you will see one of our prized local moose!" said the Canada Park Ranger

"You can tell the Maritime moose from the other species because of their distinctive gait."

"Hey!" said the tourist

"That moose walks just like the ones we saw at Yellowstone!"

"Yep. Looks like our Maritimers have been spending too much time on JTV" said Ranger Steve
by Steve from Summerfield August 24, 2010
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