In videogame folklore, when an announcement is due to be made that will "shake the foundations of gaming to its core", it is referred to as the "megaton". It inevitably turns out to be completely lame and non-eventful. Like perhaps a competition to go to some Xbox360 party in the US by yourself.
The PS6 release list will include Metal Gear Solid 24! !!!111!!!Megaton!!!111!!!
by charlesr September 27, 2005
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Any weapon equal to one million tons of dynamite. 1 megaton = 1,000,000 tons, 4 megatons = 4,000,000 tons.
The 4 megaton nuke anhilated any trace of life for miles...
by Mateodayo March 8, 2005
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A codename for future online gaming link software that connects through a small little box, to a cheap, donated, server, to another box. A future sign would be a green ppe with a green square on top with some sort of oppening to transport from one place to another.
Pipe Sign
| .... |
| .... |

game link = codename = megaton
by Psycic Dictionary January 19, 2004
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A fat looking thing that throws you across the map and has two twins
person 1: did you play cod cold war

person 2: yes i did and i got thrown across the map by the radioactive thing

person 1: that is the megaton
by MasterNazz December 2, 2020
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A person who is incredably overweight thus being more than a ton. A MEGAton. These people tend to play Halo Pc and rage quit 7 times during a 1v1 match. They also upload themselves with a red smuded 7 in the upper left hand corner. Then he will talk shit and Sasuke will pass down the torch of hatedness to Megaton and he will continue the legend of Halo fags.
I shit on megaton 1v1 all day.
by THE MEN MUNCHER June 3, 2009
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Drugs, i.e. heroin, cocaine, escasy, etc.
I want to snort some megatone.

I'm addicted to megatone.
by Aurora L. December 29, 2007
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N. a two-word phrase used to describe a wedgie so utterly terrifying and crack splitting that the formerly known, "atomic wedgie" title just won't do.
Ok, Brandon's in there passed out dude, let's give him the grandest megaton wedgie that any human-being could physically endure and experience throughout the history of time at any point in existence in any plane of existence that ever is or was. That'll teach him to play with my power rangers!
by Chast Lild January 12, 2011
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