the use of methods for controlling processes manually, especially by human beings. To consciously choose to do complete a process manually rather than by automation
Rather than automation something you choose manualation, you choose to manualate.
by Last on the bus September 29, 2006
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To not masturbate with out some kind of high-tech jack-off machine, pocket pussy, fleshlight or any other improvised masturbatory devices.
Basically being masturbated a human with their hand other than your own hand.
Nicole was on the rag so she gave me a manual to satisfy my sexual urges.
by $hIti0T June 20, 2014
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1. n. A short book or booklet explaining key concepts for assembly or use. Something to keep in mind before calling tech support.

2. adj. Referring to work done with little or no help from machines.

3. adj. Referring to someone's skill with their hands.
1. Well, gee, sir, have you tried reading the manual?
2. I've gotta do some hard manual labor today.
3. After last night I have no doubts regarding Melanie's manual dexterity.
by Melanie October 31, 2003
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the act of having the two front wheels of a skateboard off the ground while keeping the tail off the ground too
dude in thug im learning jeremys jewish manual combo thing
by some cool guy June 4, 2004
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The one time you had to "read" when playing video games but was abolished at the advent of Youtube.
The Manual era is over! Youtube remains supreme!
by This Is A fuck win March 1, 2018
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To ride a bike with the front wheel off the ground. This term is also used in other sports with similar meaning.
That guy has mad skills, he can manual down the streets of San Francisco at 50 mph!
by mikwat May 22, 2004
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