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A manist is similar to a feminist. But they mock feminism and put it into a mans perspective, as a joke, like how feminists always try to make females more equal where manists try to make men more equal.
Im fighting for male equality, i am a proud manist
by Manist March 28, 2015
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Male version of Feminist who seeks equality with women where they currently predominate.
I am a midhusband and assist in childbirth. I am a proud manist and can do women's work just as well as they can .
by Philosopher Joe November 09, 2014
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(i) A playgirl. (ii) Literally a man-ist (iii) The female version of gyalist
(i) That girl over there is a manist.

(ii) Don't try wifey her, she's a manist.
by 1337Chaosboy May 29, 2010
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The opposite of a feminist.
Doesn't take a bath and says he would like to be appreciated for what he is .
A smelly person and who in fact is actually scared of women and cannot speak to them without peeing but uses his fake 'hate' for women as a shield.
A: hey B , how you doing?
B: I don't talk to girls. (runs away and a lingering smell of pee)

C: DOn't worry A , he is just being a manist.
by JK1987 December 29, 2011
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