Leg day is a mysterious day that most beginner lifters don't know about. The more expreienced lifters only include leg day for the simple fact that they don't want to be featured on the next "never skip leg day " meme
Joe: hey bob have you ever heard of a leg day?
Bob: I have never heard of such a thing, lets go workout arms bro.
by billyradison January 29, 2015
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The worst day of the week. Sucks because you would rather be hitting arms, or shoulders, or chest, or even back, but you are stuck working the part of your body that shows the least. Usually involves a large amount of walking around, stalling, and hype. If you skip leg day, you will be deemed a bitch and be called such from then on out. Best pump, but usually involves the most work
"Hey tom, you hittin leg day?"
"Fuck yea brah, I ain't a bitch, leg day every day!"
by TheBossRoss October 29, 2014
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traditional known as rest day / modernly known as arm day
Are you working out today?
Nahhhh, it's leg day
by eellaup January 26, 2017
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A day in which you work the lower half of your body until you cry blood, it is the ultimate way of proving that there is no God.
Man, leg day was so awful it felt like Christ took a shit on my soul.
by Larry Gigglefist June 24, 2015
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100% concentrated hell on earth. Will leave you sore for the rest of the week and will make you weak in the knees.
It's worth it though and if you skip it, it's justifiable to call you a homosexual.
John: Hey bro, you up for leg day today?
Matt: Nah man, training legs is gay.
John: Don't be a lil bitch.
by Dras July 15, 2016
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A special day of the week that jd does not participate in. Hence why he has chicken legs.
Me: hey wanna hit leg day?
JD: leg day??? Whats that??
by Nickdawgie69420 October 11, 2016
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Leg day in the gym, the worst day if the year;mainly for women or panzies.; Everything in life must be perfect to exercise a successful leg day.
Alec:Hey Brandon, wanna hit legs today?
Brandon: What am I a vagina, I'm hitting


Brandon: Yo turbine wanna crush legs today?
Bryan: nah can't, my piss was a little to yellow, wanna hit back?
Brandon; oh sick, already hit back but ill go for seconds.

Alec: Yo Bryan it's leg day at the gym.
Bryan: What the fuck is leg day
by B Pro July 20, 2013
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