1. Jamaican slang for player or pimp.

2. A person who attains numerous amounts of females.

3. G-Mac

4. A ladies man .

5. root words = girl-ist
He's such a gyalist. He gets too much girls .
by G-MacEgomytiKk July 11, 2011
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(i) A playboy/charmer. A Don Juan type.

(ii) Literally 'girl-ist'. Gyal meaning girl.
(i) Watch the original gyalist checkthis fat gyal.

(ii) I have to keep in shape because I'm a gyalist.
by MaNaTaRmZ August 25, 2003
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Not a simp.
Someone who pulls bare gyaldem without a sweat.
Otherwise known as Jude and Kaylan.
Boy 1: Nah you’re a gyalist man!
Boy 2: why what’s that?
Boy 1: You pulled Charlie last week, now it’s Kiran, you’re pulling bare gyal without breaking a sweat. Gyalist!!!
by Owomydude December 9, 2020
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