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Mandation (noun). Palinese for mandate. First used by Former Governer Sarah Palin during her criticism of President Obama’s State of The Union address on January 27, 2010.

This is also the first use of the Palin transform whereas a noun that shares the same form as the verb is converted into another noun. For example, the activity of applying a ‘mandate’ (noun) is ‘to mandate’ (verb). The Palin transform converts mandate (noun) into another noun called mandation.
“So it hasn’t been a matter of he not being able to explain his policy with government takeover and mandation of health care; but Americans understanding what’s in there, not liking it, and sending him that message via the three recent Republican sweeps in Virginia, in New Jersey, Scott Brown’ s selection too and the Tea Party Movements, the town hall events…blah, blah, blah”---Sarah Palin
by Katatetoris February 05, 2010
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Application of make up, as in foundation onto the face of a man. Similar to 'guyliner', being eye liner for men.
My complexion isn't looking so good right now, I need to even out the flaws with some mandation.
by splint0r July 21, 2012
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