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a person dat looks like a two leged horse. a person with a big ass. a person with a booty to put a cup on
jennifer is a two leged horse
by Robertito October 30, 2006
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The disporportionately large pectoral muscles that a man develops when he spends too much time at the gym working his mirror muscles. Often accentuated by waxing.
A: Do you think that guy's hot?
B: What? No! Look at those man tits. He needs to get a life and spend less time at the gym.

Personal trainer: So what can I do for you?
Customer: I want to get in shape, but I don't want man tits or anything.
by Robertito March 21, 2012
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The muscles that gym junkies work on because they look good in the mirror, even if they don't make you stronger or more attractive. Biceps, triceps, pecs, abs.
A: Hey, chekc out chicken legs over there!
B: I know, he spends all his time working on his mirror muscles and drinking protein shakes.
A: Someone should really tell him that he looks ridiculous.
by Robertito March 21, 2012
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