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a very used term in the zone of Oakland and the Bay Area. Mallone means a "very eclectic person that can discuss about a lot of arguments with great knowledge of them". Sometimes it's used also as "great expert in basket or rap music"
"You're talking like a mallone Today"
"He's the mallone of college basket here in Oakland"
"Nobody knows better than him about rap music: he's a mallone!"
by alex23 January 02, 2006
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A fine, fresh and tall person with a talent of both soccer and basketball.
this guy is a mallone
by aleexaaaaaa November 25, 2016
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The most amazing guy anyone will ever meet. He's caring, sweet, compassionate, stunning, trustworthy, breathtaking, and the only guy that can completely sweep a girl off her feet.He has the greatest style of hair and also the cutest smile. The one boy on the planet that knows how to treat a girl right and keep her smiling twenty four hours a day, three hundred sixty-five days a year. He's perfect from head to toe and there's no combination of words that could actually express how incredible he is. I love you baby<3
a mallone is my boyfriend
by the Mr perfect September 15, 2017
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