Imitation milk. Contains vitamin R and is cheap enough for Springfeild Elementary to afford.
Bart: Oh, my bones are so brittle. But I always drink plenty of..."malk"?
by TL September 6, 2004
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Any milk alternative made from a non-dairy source (e.g. soy, rice, oats, spelt, bulgar, hemp, coconut, almond, cashew, hazelnut, macadamia, pistachio, sunflower, etc.). Since the National Milk Producers Federation is trying to convince the Food and Drug Administration to outlaw the labeling of any product as "milk" that does not come from a mammary gland, a new name is needed. And since humans should not be drinking liquid from any mammary gland other than a human's, "malk" is definitely the healthiest and least gross choice after a person is weaned.
Mom: "Do you want whole or chocolate milk on your Frosted Flakes?"
Son: "Seriously?! Do I look like a calf or are you just trying to make me diabetic? I'll take hemp malk on my organic, non-GMO, fair trade muesli, thank you very much."
by Bachelor boB January 4, 2017
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-=:CHRiS:=-co founder of the word Malk says:
its mack + talk
used in a sentence im gonna malk that broad
meaning im gonna talk to her not to mack just to talk but if n e thing happens its all good lol
by Jmac May 26, 2004
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Malk is any "milk" that is not from animal sources. Milk from animal sources like Cow or Goat is REAL milk! Milk from plant sources such as soy or almond is "milk" or fake milk or Malk. Milk is nutritious while Malk is far less nutritious. You can't feed malk to a baby, or they'll die of malnutrition. They need Cow's Milk, Formula, Goat's Milk, or their Mom's breast milk. Cheese from non animal sources is Chez while yogurt from non animal sources is yofurt.
Idiot mangina: Look at me! I'm drinking Almond Milk!
Idiot mangina 2: I'm drinking Soy Milk!

Normal person: You're drinking Malk, Manginas! Malk!

Normal Person 2: Yeah! What a bunch of Manginas!
by HawaiianPunch1 January 19, 2023
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The state of shock, disbelieve and complete sluttness that a woman feels after being cover in malk (man milk), cum or load in the face.
Look at Maria she looks completely malked. All of her face is cover in malk and she can't stop crying. What a slut.
by click25 May 31, 2009
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The act of spraying your malk, load or cum in a woman's face.
I'm malking the crap out of Maria's face.
by click25 May 31, 2009
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Malk is a milk produce from a female Rat or a large oversied rodent Mouse
Yum, this malk sure is tasty sir!
by t0nyz April 26, 2007
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